main-street-augusta2-300x239The wet and windy winter weather we’ve all had to endure of late may have kept a few hunkering down at home but the Augusta Chamber of Commerce have been meeting regularly, pooling ideas based on the enhancement, both aesthetic and functional, of the CBD.

Already in progress is an initial clean-up of the Blackwood Avenue/Ellis Street corner, adjacent to BankWest. An ever-changing display of colour here will complement the  brilliant garden beds that Bill Shephard has created on the opposite corner. This has been much admired and appreciated by visitors and locals respectively. Thus inspired, the Chamber plans to instal a series of large garden pots on each side of the avenue, complementing the greenness of the pine trees, with tumbling masses of ever-changing colour.

The services of a professional landscape gardener have been sought for the above project which has the support of the AMR Tourism Association along with Lions of Leeuwin. In the early stages, the Augusta Garden Club has kindly offered to maintain the gardens, however volunteers for minimal watering and weeding will be needed in the future.

Combining function with form, a series of sculptured bike racks is also proposed for installation along the avenue. The Chamber has been working with the AMR Shire on this project and each of the racks will represent a different coastal/marine element. Further racks are proposed for locations along the river and ocean, as well as within the marina complex.

And there’s more! Those wending their way along to the Augusta Newsagency may’ve noticed a major tidy-up on the south side of the building. Sue and David Beilken have taken a cue from some of the European cities that are into urban facilities, with a difference. They feel that the space could be well used for a ‘conversation pit’ – incorporating a series of benches placed so as to encourage congeniality and perhaps a coffee. The Mens Shed has been approached with regard to this project as they have access to some huge slabs of local jarrah and marri, which, of course, would be an appropriate choice of timber for what will no doubt be a favourite ‘hanging out’ spot in town.