The Augusta Marketing Reference Group has made significant progress since formulating in late 2018. We’ve seen the installation of two new Visitor Servicing Hubs at the Newsagency and Deckchair café and anecdotal feedback has been really positive. They have been used by approximately 2,700 visitors who have accessed over 15,000 pages of information. The new Augusta Guide has been distributed to over 5,000 people with the new print run of 15,000 maps now in circulation.

The ‘Rediscover Augusta’ video has been promoted heavily across social media with over 52,000 views so far. (see below) You can also check it on YouTube by simply searching Rediscover Augusta – be sure to share it with your network. Other projects underway include; developing a new photo library for Augusta and promoting whale watching for winter.

The next step is to develop a three year strategic plan that will include place positioning, marketing, promotion and product development. Members of the business community will be invited to participate in workshops to provide input into the plan. Stay tuned.