amr-shire-logo-large-300x255In accordance with WALGA, every 8 years there is a review of the electoral boundaries. This revision will be completed before the next council elections in 2017.

The CCI has been researching, and we would recommend that everyone in the Leeuwin Ward vote for Option 4. This new change of boundaries helps us to retain councillors under the current ward structure formula.  Our ward needs two councillors to maintain a strong representation for progressive change in infrastructure and economy for Augusta and our larger communities. If we have only half of the representation at Shire this may lead to the larger wards having a greater preference in monies and improvements etc..

We encourage you to log into the AMR Shire website:

”Have your Say” (  This is a portal where you can vote for other projects involving Augusta. Alternatively, please call into the Shire office and pick up further information and discussion papers.

Our current representation is vital to the Leeuwin area.  We have two councillors who are passionate about our town, its growth, community and economy.  Their help and support will be enable us to continue to evolve and grow.
Submissions close on 21 November 2017, 4pm