Augusta and locality boasts an amazing environment, interesting geography and rich history. This project aims to use a range of technologies to explain and interpret the special stories of Augusta for the benefit of locals and visitors alike.

Large interactive touch screens will enable visitors to see what is available and decide on activities in and around the town, as well as gain remote advice from consultants and local experts as they plan. Rather than just providing visitor information in one location to those visitors who decide to seek assistance, the aim is to disperse the provision of information & advice through the community by partnering with other businesses and locations.

Mobile devices (phones and tablets) can be used as digital guides as people walk or drive around the locality. With the YMRR Regional App downloaded, a series of beacons will trigger information in the form of audio, images, video etc. to appear on a mobile device within range of the beacon. This can be used to interpret each location, explain what can be seen, describe the history of the site, and bring alive stories, characters and lives.

smartphone-deetsThe first stage of the project is to identify what are the most interesting places to go in and around Augusta and what kind of interpretation and story-telling would be relevant. This could be historical, environmental, geographical, character/life stories (past & present). Anything that would enhance a visit to Augusta. Whilst the main objective of this project is to boost tourism by attracting visitors to come to Augusta, or stop on their journey to/from the lighthouse, it is also a community project in that it records and celebrates the uniqueness of Augusta and the surrounding locality.

A workshop has been organised for Monday 17th October at the Augusta CRC from 5pm to 7pm. If you can contribute ideas for this project please come along and join in. We need as many as possible to be involved. Once we have gathered the ideas and prioritised them, we can begin researching the information & stories and commence any recording or filming that might be necessary.

We look forward to seeing you on the 17th and to working with you on this exciting project for the benefit of Augusta and the region.