(l-r) Peter Griffyn, Nola Marino, Andrea Lindsay, Kitty Prodonovich and Mike Smart

The Chamber hosted a sundowner on Friday the 9th August at the Augusta Hotel for members and invited guests, including Kitty Prodonovich CEO Regional Chambers WA. We welcomed members including our Gold sponsor The Bendigo Bank, Silver sponsors, Augusta Hotel, Stocker Preston, OGA, Blackwood River Houseboats, BP Augusta, Nola Marino (ACCI member) and guests including Mike and Katrina Smart and Peter Griffyn, Chair of SouthWest Chambers.

Kitty Prodonovich gave a very informative overview of chambers, and not only the important role they play in our regional towns but of membership to your local chamber. Kitty shared with us some great ideas other towns have used to promote local business. Ideas that the ACCI will explore for our local businesses.

Membership is now due and renewal forms have been sent to all members. We encourage new members and have very affordable tiers of membership as well as the opportunity to become a gold or silver sponsor. One of the benefits to business of becoming a member are the discounts we offer for advertising in our local Chamber Community Directory.

For more information or to have the prospectus sent to you please contact:

The whale watch season has good numbers of visitors to town with many stopping on the way to or from to enjoy a meal or browse through shops in the town. Weekends have remained steady.

With the wildflower season just around the corner we will see a new wave of visitors to Augusta for walking the Cape to Cape, wildflower discovery and other outdoor pursuits.

Andrea Lindsay
President ACCI